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  • Mission:

    MDC Retreats is here to provide a sanctuary for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of life; to re-connect with your values, to re-align with your personal truths, and find rest.


    MDC Retreats provides a sacred space for you to release the ties of life that bind you, offers practices for cultivating personal freedom, and assists you in creating balance in the mind and body, to elevate spiritual consciousness.

  • MDC Retreats Services & Programs

    choose from the following to customize your MDC Retreats experience - INCLUDED in your Retreat Rate!

    Rest & Restore

    Service - Restorative & Yin Yoga Practice

    Restorative Yoga provides a calming effect to the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight stress response) that most people these days are consumed by. This involves resting the body in certain relaxing positions to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest & digest system). Yin Yoga provides stretching to not only the muscles, but deeper into the connective tissues and joints, releasing toxins in the body, physically and energetically.

    Cultivating a Meditation Practice

    Service - Meditation & Gratitude

    One of the most important activities we can do on a daily basis is to observe our thoughts and cultivate a gratitude practice. Meditation is not about sitting still for a hour. Meditation is about connecting with your soul by observing the mind and understanding you are not your thoughts, and allowing space for your physical body to speak. Creating a practice of awareness through a variety of guided meditations will stay with you long after you leave your retreat experience.

    Emotional & Mental Healing with Reiki

    Service - Energy Work

    Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy that is channeled through the practitioner to the client for emotional and physical wellbeing. This is like a gentle massage for your energetic body! Allow energetic cords to be cut, balance your chakra system, and release grief and trauma stored within your body.

    You can include a Power Animal Retrieval in this session to assist you in reclaiming your inner power and moving forward in life.

    Vision Board Creation

    Service - Manifesting into Reality

    You are probably familiar with making vision boards, even if you have never done one. The reason we make a vision board is to bring a dream into our reality! There are important keys to vision board manifestation that many do not realize. In this session, you'll learn how to narrow in on what you'd like to create in your life, and how the Law of Attraction is the most important concept to making it happen! What vision do you have for YOUR life?


    Service and/or Program - Creativity for your Soul

    Who are you... really?

    SoulCollage® is an intuitive process of self discovery, where you collage different images on cards that represent one of the many different aspects of you. This is true self discovery!


    You can choose this as a service during your vacation retreat experience, or it can be offered as a program, where you will create many different cards during your stay, journaling and receiving coaching with each of them for personal exploration, all while creating your very own Intuitive card deck for personal readings.

    ~ Programs ~

    Yoga 101

    Program- establishing your own yoga practice

    Yoga is not just an exercise for the body, but more of a practice of the mind. Have you been interested in learning yoga but feel too intimidated to go to a class? Or maybe you just don't have the time to go but feel drawn to learning about it. This program will teach you all you need to feel comfortable in attending any class.

     You'll gain an understanding of why and what is happening in yoga classes to make the most of your practice. You'll experience proper form in each of the most common postures. This program is packed with too must to list here, but be sure that you'll leave your retreat with your very own yoga practice having come to fruition!

    Vibrational Nutrition

    Program - Nutritional Guidance

    You are what you eat! This program will provide the foundations of how to eat healthy and why you should do it! Understanding that everything is energy including food, you'll leave with the knowledge of preparing your meals with loving intentions, and how consciously choosing a high vibrational diet will transform your energy levels, your physical body and your soul!

    Empowering the Soul

    Program - Life Coaching

    Are you a people-pleaser? Do you answer YES every time someone asks you to do something? When there is confusion with our personal boundaries, we forget our own needs, push our intuition aside, and become energetically trapped. This program will ignite within your soul a feeling of empowerment and creation to begin anew!

    Shamanic Practices for a Balanced Life

    Program - Spiritual Mentoring

    In our Western Culture, it is becoming increasingly clear how disconnected we have become from Mother Nature and Spirit. As people awaken, we become more in-tune with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, the need for Divine connection, and the desire to explore the unseen worlds as we understand there is more to this world than what meets the eye.


    In this program you will experience journeying to connect with your very own helping compassionate spirits, explore the unseen upper, middle, and lower worlds for inner guidance, examining your dreams, understanding your internal seasons, and divining with nature.



    Alternative Services

    The following alternative services are not included in your Retreat Rate,

    however are available to you for scheduling during your MDC Retreat vacation.

    Reflexology $125

    this is a treatment for your whole body!

    For most people, reflexology is a treatment of the feet. But in this particular session, you will experience reflexology of the feet, along with a neck and back massage. It truly is an amazing experience!

    Sound Healing $75

    Vibrational Energy healing

    This session of vibrational healing to remove trapped energy in the body is experienced by a gong bath and tuning forks that correspond to each of the 7 main chakras. This is an amazing experience of relaxation.

  • the goal of life is to

    make your heartbeat match

    the beat of the Universe,

    to match your nature with Nature

    Joseph Campbell

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  • Your Retreat Leader

    Tara Fournier

    Retreat Leader

    Tara has been working with clients in areas of personal and spiritual growth since 2011. Her sincere focus is to hold sacred space for those who are searching for their own truths, redefining personal belief systems, and connecting with their Higher Self.


    She began an authentic personal & spiritual growth journey in 2008. This led her to conscious awareness of her daily habits amongst many other ah-ha moments and inspirations.


    She has been the "go-to" friend for guidance for years and naturally it became her purpose in life...To Be of Service.


    Tara has received certifications and experience as:

    Cert. Mind Body Wellness Practitioner

    Cert. Hatha Yoga Instructor

    Cert. Transformational Life Coach

    Cert. Holistic Health Coach

    Cert. Reiki Practitioner

    Cert. SoulCollage® Facilitator

    Shamanic Practitioner

    Retreat Leader


    In 2017, Tara became an Amazon Best Selling Author with her book SACRED REBEL, and also teaches an Online Course Sacred Rebel Rising to assist women is re-evaluating current belief systems, creating healthy boundaries, and living an Empowered and Authentic Life!


    Come experience all you can be, authentically and Divinely you!


    Owner of My Divine Compass, LLC

    Prescott, Arizona


    Learn more about Tara HERE