• Abundant & Balanced

    Women's Yoga Retreat

    North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  • Abundant & Balanced Women's Yoga Retreat

    ~ because balance is an "inside job" ~

    finding balance within the abundance of doing what we love

    March 16th-21st, 2018

  • Why this Retreat?

    Meet Your Retreats Leaders and listen to why Dawn & Tara feel called to lead this!

  • Abundant but in need of Balance

    • Are you a successful woman with a passion for what you do, but your success is leaving you feeling overwhelmed with not enough time in a day?  
    • Have you noticed your mental focus has become foggy, and your mind constantly wandering and keeping you up at night?
    • Are you finding yourself short tempered and stressed with your family?
    • Has your health become more of an issue rather than a priority because you have no time to even think about it?
    • Does your life lack fun and spontaneity?

    If you answered "yes" to the above, then this retreat is for YOU!

  • 6 Days of Connection, Awareness, Balance & Transformation

    The MDC Retreat Experience

    Day 1 - Sisterhood Initiation

    New Experiences

    You will experience the true essence of the Divine Feminine aspect of yourself by discovering peace and stillness within the excitement of our Sacred Circle Opening Ceremony, with your feet grounded in the sand and the sound of ocean waves whispering in your ears. You'll then experience Yoga Nidra, and the calming effects this form of mediation has on your mind, body & spirit.

    Day 2 - Grounded in Awareness

    Awareness is the first step

    Each morning begins with an invitation to experience yoga specifically designed for exploring balance within your body. You'll learn the "Whys" of your struggle to turn off the mental chatter, and gain specific tools for "How" to overcome the stress through breath work and conscious awareness.

    Day 3 - Daily Practices

    Change your habits, change your life

    When the mind, body & spirit are incongruent with each other, you will experience stress, sickness, mental fog, emotional upset and pain in life. Here, you'll learn how your own habits create your own suffering, while gaining a deep understanding into how your physical body communicates with you what your mind simply wants to ignore.

    Day 4 - Lack of Boundaries Create Stress

    Saying no is necessary for your health

    What energies are you injecting into your relationships when your mouth says yes, but your heart says no? Discover why saying no is important for your health and how always saying yes can create imbalances within your body, mind & spirit.

    Day 5 - Your Balanced Living Blueprint

    Finding balance is an inside job

    You find yourself juggling to find balance in your life, but changing your calendar won't help you succeed in finding balance. Day 5, you'll unearth aspects of your life that require your focus, and without knowing these aspects and having the tools, juggling to find balance may persist. You'll leave this retreat with this Blueprint for success in your hands!

    Day 6 - Release, Receive & Unify

    Divine Feminine activation

    Letting go of the "need to know", receiving what is intended for your highest good, and unification within self and our sacred circle. (undisclosed event)

  • Benefits You Receive

    What you can expect from spending 5 Nights and 6 Days at the Abundance & Balance Retreat

    The Specifics:

    • You'll hit the re-set button for your mind, body, and spirit by re-leasing stress through physical movement, re-claiming control over the mental chatter with meditation, and re-connecting with your own truths via group sessions
    • Learn how to set healthy boundaries, and why saying "NO" is necessary for finding balance!
    • You'll leave with a complete personal balance system known as The Balanced Living Blueprint, personally taught to you by its creator, Tara Fournier.
    • You'll gain a deeper understanding into the purpose of Yoga for gaining clarity of your emotions, repetitive thoughts, and how our physical bodies are the expression of what we are suppressing, taught by Yoga specialists, Dawn and Tara.
    • Be surrounded by other like-minded women who also desire a deeper connection within themselves, and with others.

    This Retreat is the Best of Both Worlds!

    A pampering vacation accompanied with deep self care awareness, mind, body and spirit alignment, within a community of supportive sisters!

    Would that be Worth it to you to come to North Myrtle Beach?

    We sure think so! Plus you'll get guidance on how to maintain the balance you create well after the retreat! You gain membership into our private Sisterhood Retreats Facebook group to keep you inspired while not allowing you to fall back into old patterns.

  • Paradise Found in North Myrtle Beach

    You crave breathing space, You yearn for balance


    Our Retreat Home

    Spending 5 nights and 6 days in this Impressive 5400 sq. ft.

    8 Bedroom 9 bath Beach House, designed with an upscale West Indies flare, and fabulous views of the ocean and channel.


    Enjoying yourself by the private pool accompanied with fountains and plenty of lounge chairs for sunning.


    Relaxing in the indoor waterfall spa pool.


    Watching the sunrise or sunset on the one-of-a-kind, 40ft X 40ft rooftop deck.


    or Choosing between the beach chairs, umbrella, boogie boards, beach toys, and bicycles while spending time on the sand!

  • Imagine finding balance by the sand

    ground, release, observe, discover

  • Cuisine

    Local & Organic, Vegetarian and Vegan


    Urban Farm & Wellness Center

    Chef John Andrews, CC

    will provide you with organic food grown himself that he will create in our very own retreat house kitchen! You will be provided with Breakfast & Dinner every day with healthy snack options available at all times.


    Lunch will be eaten while exploring around the town during your afternoon hiatus!

  • Delights

    Self Care is the Essence of this Yoga Retreat!

    Yoga & Meditation

    awareness & connection

    You'll experience different forms of yoga and meditation along with breath work in order to assist you in discerning what balance actually FEELS like in your mind, body & spirit.


    Choose Option 1

    You'll get to experience the healing benefits of reflexology to help balance your mind, ground your body, and energize your spirit.


    Choose option 2

    Or maybe you would rather experience a full body treatment to find rest in your body, mind and spirit.

    Sun, Seashore, Shells & Sand


    Your Retreat will provide you the freedom to do what is calling to you! Spend time sun gazing, strolling the seashore, selecting shells and grounding your feet in the sand.

  • Your List of Inclusions

    ~ and what's not ~


    • 5 star accommodations single or double occupancy (see price variation below)
    • 10 meals (Breakfast and Dinner) Organic and local vegetarian/vegan food provided by a Personal Chef 
    • Healthy Snack Options
    • One session of reflexology or massage of your choice
    • Group Yoga sessions, Meditations, Inner work for creating a Balanced Life
    • The Balanced Living Blueprint - a formula you'll continue working with at home
    • Time Freedom to go exploring, shopping and spending time at the ocean
    • Retreat Package of Goodies 

    Not Included...

    • Your round-trip airfare from home
    • Personal, Medical, or trip cancellation insurance
    • Lunches
    • any souvenir shopping, extra spa services and tips, taxi rides
    • VIP Package Option! See Below

    ~ Download Your Retreat Itinerary BELOW ~

    grab the outline if you want to know a bit more!

  • Retreat Itinerary

    Sneak Preview

  • Accommodation Details

    Retreat Registration Closes January 15, 2018

    (all payment plans must be completed by this date)

    Retreat House Bedroom Options

    Ideally situated in North Myrtle Beach, Abercrombie & Fish Retreat House has 5400 Sq Ft of comfort and includes:


    1st floor: 1 King bedroom, with private bath


    2nd floor: 3 Bedrooms on this floor: 1 King with ocean view, 2 Queens, 2 Queens - each with private dressing room and bath.


    3rd floor: 3 BR on this level: 1 King with ocean view, 2 Queens, 2 Queens - each with private dressing room and bath.

    *** PLEASE NOTE that bedrooms containing Queen Beds have 2 Queen beds each, with the potential of having 4 women in a room. (see pictures below)

    Cost Reduction Options!

    • Make sure to DOWNLOAD the Retreat Itinerary ABOVE to see detailed information of price differences and SINGLE versus DOUBLE occupancy
    • There are savings if you allocate your bed with another amazing woman (see below for SINGLE versus DOUBLE occupancy)
    • "Paying in full" includes your $200 Non-refundable deposit and affords you a price reduction
  • Choose Your Comfort

    ~ Sharing is Saving ~

  • Your Retreat Leaders

    Women of MDC Retreats

    Tara Fournier

    Retreat Leader

    Tara understands where you are. She has walked the path of success in her career only to find it was energetically taking from other aspects of her own life.

    She began her personal & spiritual growth journey in 2008. This led her to conscious awareness of her daily habits amongst many other

    ah-ha moments and inspirations.

    She has been the "go-to" friend for guidance for years and naturally it became her purpose in life...

    To Empower Women.

    Tara has received certifications as:

    Mind Body Wellness Practitioner

    Hatha Yoga Instructor

    (Yoga for Emotional Healing)

    Transformational Life Coach

    Health Coach

    Reiki Practitioner


    Tara's focus is Empowered Living for women. She will assist you in recognition of current behaviors and beliefs, and help you unravel what is no longer serving you in order to begin to write the story of life you Desire to be living!


    Owner of

    My Divine Compass, LLC

    Prescott, Arizona

    Dawn Divita

    Retreat Leader

    Dawn has a passion for living! She

    has been known to bring people

    together in unexpected spaces, in

    creatively fun ways, and taking

    selfless measures to do it.

    Even before stepping on the yoga path 20 years ago, she was moved to invite people to join her on this

    journey. She has been given the

    Sanskrit name Shanthi which

    translate to

    “one who brings peace to all”.

    Dawn has been teaching yoga

    since 2003 and sees great benefit

    for all to practice. It is an all

    inclusive path that creates bonds

    not only in communities but with

    one’s self. Dawn is the teacher that

    invites students to step out of their comfort zone into a safe, fun, and

    supportive space. Dawn is here to

    assist you in bringing awareness to yourSelf.

    Certifications include

    Yoga Teacher

    Kids, Gentle, Vinyasa, Hatha, Prenatal, Restorative, Yin, and Kundalini

    Reiki Practitioner


    Owner of

    Yoga Divita, LLC

    Little River, South Carolina


  • Imagine How You'll Feel

    discover who you'll become

  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out.
    You + Us = Balance

  • Cancellation Policy

    Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $200 USD Registration fee.

    Any cancellation made between December 1st, 2017 and January 15th 2018 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between January 15th 2018 and March 16th, 2018 (start of retreat) will result in a total loss of funds.

    We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so, ALL MONIES including your deposit is refunded back to you in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.